Thursday, February 14, 2008

Kitchen Remodeling Update

I apologize for the delay in between posts. Nothing has really grabbed my attention as of late. The kitchen is pretty much in the same state I last told you about. However, we have regained a bit of our den/floor space back since Habitat ReStore came and collected our stove and all the cabinets. It is much more open again and looks less junky :)

The great fantastic news is that the contractor and crew will be coming on Monday (!) to begin work. And get this, the guy estimated that it would take only 2 days (?!) to complete. Yes, I know our kitchen is small, but I'd be very surprised if it took only 2 days given the amount of work that needs to be done (electrical, plumbing, sheetrocking, etc.). Once the crew is finished, our cabinet installation team will be coming. Heck I don't care if it takes a week. I am just relieved since I had prepared myself that we wouldn't have a kitchen until mid March. I might instead have a brand new one by next weekend!!! Hallelujah!

I've caught myself while at work daydreaming of what our kitchen will look like. In all honesty, I have a concept of what it will look like, only because I did not design it or pick out the cabinets, appliances, or countertops. Yes, you read that right. My husband chose all of it. He has great taste generally speaking. That minor discrepancy did not come to light until I mentioned it to my sister. I can remember her shrieking, "What?! How were you not involved in choosing your kitchen? It's the woman's domain!" Even though I wish I could've been the designer of our kitchen, for some odd reason, it didn't really bother me. Mainly because I trust my husband. He picked out brand new appliances and everything else so why should I need to worry? He's an avid watcher of anything HGtv so there again, he knows what nice kitchens look like.

I have gotten to choose some of the fun details of the kitchen like the hardware and the pendant lights. Both are gorgeous. The hardware is very modern, stainless steel, and sleek. I also chose a cute fork handle that will be on the silverware drawer. I figured everyone always asks "Where's the silverware?" Now all they'll have to do is look for the fork handle. :)
I also chose bin pulls for the rest of the drawers. The pendant lights I chose are two bold colored Tiffany shades that will be over the main bar/countertop area. I like the eclectic combination of modern and vintage. It suits me :) I am just so excited to see it come together! And I'm looking forward to posting pictures for your viewing pleasure. :)

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