Thursday, February 14, 2008

391 years of marriage and still going...

I read an interesting article off of yesterday that discussed a family where the siblings have racked up a total of 391 years of marriage between them! I don't think Hallmark has crafted an anniversary card for that amount of years. Along with enjoying a rare positive news article, I began smiling as the siblings detailed their "secrets" to a long lasting union:

  • "attribute their marital success in large part to the moral example set by their late parents" (The father was a Christian minister and they were wedded for 58 years).

  • "the belief that marriage is for life"

  • [On their parents' marriage]"They always showed respect for each other, which made us know that was part of marriage. There wasn't a lot of verbal advice. You just watched them and knew how it was done."

My favorite portion came later in the article by a history professor:

  • "Coontz, who has studied marriage trends for 25 years, said many marriages that began in the 1950s ended as more women entered the work force in subsequent decades. That wasn't an issue for the Estes siblings; all the wives were homemakers." (Emphasis mine).

Interesting, eh? I would love to explore the reasons and possibilities behind this issue. I know it's silly, but every time I read something that points out how Biblical principles are put into action and work, I think "Yep. God knew what He was doing." Well, of course He does! But the modern feminism movement wouldn't allow you to even go visit that idea in your mind. There are countless articles, blogs, sites, etc. that detail the plague of modern feminism, so I won't go there, at least for this post. I have a great e-book entitled "The Feminist Mistake" by Mary Kassian which I'm looking forward to reading; and no doubt I'll post about its content in the future.

So I'm curious to know and I'll have to think back myself, out of the housewives you know or have known, what did the longevity of their marriages look like? And yes, I do realize that it's not always quantity but quality that counts, but I'm just curious. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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