Monday, June 14, 2010

blankie lub

Caleb at 5 months

As a young girl, I was inseparable from my blankie and pilly. They were magical. I felt safe with them, they were close friends, and my imagination could soar while they were my faithful sidekicks. While the majority of blankets spend a great deal of time crumpled in a heap, I used to enjoy spreading my blankie out and admiring its 'bigness.' It's the little things that are mind-blowing to a kid.

I am proud to say that Caleb has inherited the blankie lub gene. I'll admit, I kinda set him up at first; think: arranged marriage. Seeing that precious hand crocheted baby blue blankie wrapped around a wee bebe was perfection. Still is. Their relationship has progressed to full blown lub. And this time, it's on Caleb's terms.

Cute baby trick #51: Every morning during our playtime in his room, I ask, "Where's Blankie?" And he dutifully and excitedly crawls over and stands at his crib until he locates it. He then bounces up and down, half squealing/grunting, and pulls Blankie out inch by glorious inch. Satisfied, he thrusts Blankie in the air with a fist pump then bodyslams it down for a nuzzle. I could watch this scene unfold on loop.

Inevitably, Blankie has inherited Caleb's scent. I love it. I'm not ashamed to admit this, but I nuzzle C's blankie a couple of times a day too. Ridiculous? A little. :) I am so darn nostalgic when it comes to blankies. I think of my own and the pleasure it brought. Mine is threadbare in places, and the lace border is quite frayed. I'm hoping Caleb's blankie will last just as long and be just as endearing.

The photo below is pretty much miraculous that it was captured at all. He is such a light sleeper and woke up seconds after I took this. Enjoy :)

Caleb at 10 months