Friday, December 25, 2009

"Mary did you know?"

Mary, did you know that your Baby Boy would one day walk on water?
Mary, did you know that your Baby Boy would save our sons and daughters?
Did you know that your Baby Boy has come to make you new?
This Child that you delivered will soon deliver you.

Mary, did you know that your Baby Boy will give sight to a blind man?
Mary, did you know that your Baby Boy will calm the storm with His hand?
Did you know that your Baby Boy has walked where angels trod?
When you kiss your little Baby you kissed the face of God?

Mary did you know..

The blind will see.
The deaf will hear.
The dead will live again.
The lame will leap.
The dumb will speak.
The praises of The Lamb.

Mary, did you know that your Baby Boy is Lord of all creation?
Mary, did you know that your Baby Boy would one day rule the nations?
Did you know that your Baby Boy is heaven's perfect Lamb?
The sleeping Child you're holding is the Great I Am.
~~~~~Merry Christmas and may you experience Christ in the fullness of His glory~~~~~

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

25 Christmas Memories

  1. Helping my mom wrap our extended families' gifts. Our pool table became the wrapping station, and I remember tearing off tape strips and lining them along the edge. No more of that, thanks to this.

  2. When I was about 4, I pulled our tree down on top of myself! I remember lying on the carpet, being speechless with the branches in my face. Then I remember screaming and Mom coming in to rescue me. :)

  3. Going bargain shopping the day after Christmas with my mom, sister, and grandmother. Their goal was scooping up 50% Hallmark gift wrap and greeting cards for the following year.

  4. Pulling up to our house and Dad having decorated the exterior with colorful lights, I yelled, "It's a miracle!" (I was four years old).

  5. Visiting the Biltmore house at Christmastime and smelling their gingerbread mansion yards away down the hall.

  6. The follow-up to #5, coming home after our trip to Biltmore and running upstairs to see our pet gerbils. Both looked strange. I called for my dad, and he quickly covered the cage and asked me to look away. Apparently, my sister's gerbil, Chestnut, had devoured mine, Charity. Chestnut was as big as a softball, and Charity's hide was the only thing remaining. This isn't a Christmas memory worthy of a Hallmark card, but a memory nonetheless.

  7. Always being the first to wake up on Christmas morning, I'd run into the den to scope out the gifts. I'd then run upstairs, wake my sister and tell her everything she got. :-D What are little sisters for?

  8. Singing one of the verses of "Morning Star" as a solo for the Christmas Eve lovefeast as a child.

  9. While decorating the tree each year, remembering each ornament's story.

  10. Crying my eyes out while watching "It's A Wonderful Life," and every sappy holiday commercial. This year's for me, is from Kay Jewelers about the baby's first Christmas. Sigh...

  11. Watching and reciting "Christmas Vacation," "A Christmas Story," "Home Alone," and "A Christmas Carol."

  12. The first weekend of December was when our church would decorate for Christmas. Back then, they used gorgeous real garlands, wreaths, and trees. While the adults worked, the kids would run and play around the church. We had a chicken stew for lunch afterwards.

  13. Seeing the Festival of Lights and waiting for hours to do so. One year, we took our dog along for the ride and gave her a Greenie. Big mistake! We thought the stables were nearby due to the smell, but we finally figured out that it was simply Cubbie's horrible gas. Though they do freshen your pet's breath.

  14. Making gingerbread houses with my mom and sister. One year, my childhood dog, Scruffy, pulled it off the dining room table and gobbled it up. Red icing in the white carpet was an added touch.

  15. Eating lovefeast buns for breakfast on Christmas morning.

  16. Going to my grandparents' home on Christmas Eve around 9:30 pm and not leaving until after midnight. All of the extended family piled into that small house, but it was bursting at the seams with love and laughter.

  17. Buying Christmas gifts for my son!!! I didn't realize how much fun and tempting it would be to buy him everything!

  18. My first married Christmas...waking up in our own home, with just us. :)

  19. Surprising our families last year with news of our pregnancy.

  20. Requiring and watching significant others do an embarrassing "present dance" in front of all our family. My sister's then fiance/now husband, misinterpreted it to mean "lap dance." :-D We all had a big laugh! :-D And an awkward one at that too...

  21. Having been told where our honeymoon would be, I got so excited that I fell backwards into my future in-laws fireplace that was aflame! Thank God for firescreens...and it was St. Lucia.

  22. Always choosing the tree. There are perks of being the baby of the family :)

  23. Totally getting busted singing Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas" at the top of my lungs on video. Thanks Dad!

  24. Last year, instead of gifts we gave a donation to Transform India Movement. Our donation helped build a well for people living in Bihar, India. Just a few weeks ago, we received a letter and lots of pictures of the well being dedicated to God who gives us living water through Christ. Humbling to say the least, to see children clapping and jumping at the sight of water coming from a pump. And here's a reality check: these people had never heard of the name "Jesus." The sweetest Name I know...

  25. Raising our candles on the last verse of "Joy to the World" with the entire congregation and orchestra. I'm sure it's only a mere glimpse of how Heaven is.

My sister and I, Christmas 1983

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas 2009

Friday, December 18, 2009

Snow place like home

As I type, and I can't believe I'm about to type this, it's snowing. Glorious snow. It made me start to think about reasons why I love it when it snows:
  1. There is excitement everywhere. Especially here, since most folks don't know how to drive in it or deal with it. It's rare in these parts. Usually we get ice instead of snow. The local meteorologists probably drink 4 espressos in order to deal with round the clock severe weather updates. Not to mention the absurd run on grocery stores for milk and bread.

  2. The soft silence that envelops everything. It's as if the world is sleeping away, enjoying the respite.

  3. Watching for cardinals. They are my utmost favorite bird, and we are fortunate to be able to see them daily. I really don't think anything can compete with the stark contrast of a fire-cracker red bird perched amid the white snow. Simply breathtaking.

  4. Making snow cream. If you've never tasted it before, I liken it to manna from heaven. Quite literally ;) All you need is 1) snow 2) sugar 3) vanilla 4) milk/cream. Mmmm so good.

  5. Nesting. I love how families get together and stay indoors for the day. Board games, hot cocoa, slow cooked meal, and movies are my perfect snow day. And throw in a couple of blankets too.

  6. Contrary to #5, but...enjoying the outdoors. For every hour spent indoors, there's a healthy balance of being outdoors in the snow too. I love piling on the dusty snow gear and getting wet, cold, and hot all at the same time! Building snowmen, making snow angels, throwing snowballs, taking a walk.

  7. Watching my dog play in it. She knows she doesn't get to see or feel the cold, white stuff that often, and consequently gets hyper. I love seeing her tracks in the snow.

  8. Feeling as if you're in a snow globe. I like to picture my home in a snowglobe :)

  9. Legitimately singing "Winter Wonderland." Frolicking and playing, "the Eskimo way." ;) Though I still would love to be able to hear sleigh bells ringing!

  10. Making comfort foods. My mom's tradition is baking chocolate chip cookies, but I might start one of my own: baking bread.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Cure for Chaos

We interrupt your hectic day to bring you 50 seconds of peace...