Friday, May 1, 2009

Soon to Be SAHW/M

A new chapter in my life is about to begin!

My last day of "paid/public" work will officially be May 29th! After working in this position for 3 years, it will be difficult to leave the great coworkers/supervisors I have. They have been my family away from home :)

No more office or staring at my computer screen for hours on end. Consequently, due to our slooooooow internet connection at home, the blog may suffer some.

Now that my pregnancy has gotten more physically uncomfortable, I am looking forward to being at home where I can walk around freely (outdoors too!) and nap as needed. Also, the amount of cleaning needed at home has begun to pile up since I don't have near the energy to do everything after coming home from a day of work.

Some of my fears about coming home: being lonely, bored, glued to the crappy tv, and regretting leaving my job. I do think that some of those can easily be remedied if I apply myself wisely. Based on other bloggers who stay at home, it seems that with or without children, a routine is a must. I realize however that not all days/schedules are created equal, so some days will be much busier, while others will be lighter.

Some of my hopes about coming home: time to get things done!, scheduling in quiet times with the Lord, exercising, better meal planning (less reliance on dining out), more time for reading/researching at library, keeping up with the laundry for a change, preparing everything for our son's arrival in August, ministry opportunities, and helping family during the day.

And, seriously, I guess I could always read Proverbs 31 for some ideas on what to fill my days with! Ha! :)

Any tips/suggestions from SAHWs or SAHMs? Also, any specific baby preparations?


Megan said...

Babies definitely need a bit of a routine (although Xander is really laid back and can handle wrenches thrown in), but for MY sanity, I have found I have to get out of the house. Even if it's just sitting in the yard on a blanket for 30 minutes - I just need to get out. Obviously, you're not going to take a 3-week old out during a downpour, but my suggestion is to go to the store, your friend's house, or just take a walk as much as possible. Even just a few minutes a day does wonders for my mindset/attitude.

And also - don't worry so much about the cooking and cleaning, especially the first several weeks. Just enjoy being with him, as I know you will. :)

Kelly said...

You're going to be just fine. I am sure of this because we have so much in common. However, I never feared that I would miss my job. The Lord wanted me home so badly that He made me literally despise any "real" job I had. It was extremely hard for me to keep up with a full time job and be what I am called to be to my husband. Alas, that is how God created it. We women weren't designed to be able to "have it all" like the world tells us. We are Christ's servants, above all, of course. Secondly, God created women to be helper's to our husbands. That means doing anything and everything to help our husbands be what God has called them to be. I think once you are home you will wonder how you ever did it otherwise, and will realize how much easier it is being in God's will. You will have plenty to do, especially when they baby comes. The only thing I have to guard against is how much time I spend online. The Internet can easily become an idol for me, and/or distract me from doing things that need to be done (such as cleaning the house...) So, you must have discipline as a housewife. If you find that you are lonely, combat those feelings by pouring into others and serving them. It does get lonely around here because Paul works so much, but God is always there with you. You will be just fine darling, and you will never regret being home with that precious baby God has entrusted to your care.