Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Easy Clothing Tip

Something I always seem to have issues with is getting some deodorant residue on sleeveless shirts. It kills me, because inevitably no matter how little I put on, ten minutes later it's rubbed off around the seams, leaving an unsightly mess.

My tip is not how to avoid this, because frankly I don't think you can, even by using clear or spray deodorants (they always flake off). But rather, what to do once it has happened.

This isn't rocket science and you probably already do this. I simply wet a washcloth and rub gently to remove it. The key however is to use a washcloth that is similarly colored!

Nothing is more frustrating than using a white or light colored washcloth to remove the residue only to come away with wet lint deposited on your dark shirt too. Double ick.

So, keep a black washcloth around for just this type of moment. Most of my wardrobe is black, and I'm amazed that I hadn't realized this sooner.

Side note: You will notice in some very high-priced restaurants that black linen napkins are given to patrons to prevent lap lint. :)

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