Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Got Music?

I love music. It helps me engage my soul and it's amazing how it affects my emotions. Below are three very cool free music sites that will suit your mood, craving, and explore your tastes.

Musicovery: Addictive site that will actually play music according to your current mood. You click on the spectrums of energetic and calm, positive and dark. Even better still, you can choose your mood within a specific genre, and even limit it to a certain decade. Not all jazz is mellow, ya know? Not all pop is peppy. And if your feet get the best of you every now and then, visit the dance music section.

Accuradio: Not as intense and personalized as Musicovery, but you can listen to a genre and deselect the artists you don't want to hear....i.e. Ace of Base. I got turned onto Accuradio initially because of its comprehensive Christmas music section with genres of it too :) From Country Christmas to Gospel/R&B, there is everything in between. And it fulfills my occasional need of hearing "Silver and Gold" in September (i.e. today). There's also a Christian Contemporary station that is broadcast via KLove.

Pandora Radio: the place where you get to discover new-to-you artists that sound similar to what you already like. How refreshing...Search artist, song, station, or friends' playlists. You get to create your own station of ear-tingly-happy music.

Hope you enjoy them, and let me know if you have any favorite music places you visit.

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