Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dumpster Diving at the Office

Today I had a mid-morning surprise at work; I got to dumpster dive with a co-worker. Both of us had wondered why ten large cardboard boxes had not yet been taken by the recycling company for the past few weeks. Wouldn't you know that we peeped inside and they were filled with all types of things?

An hour and a half later after recycling, reducing, and reusing, we had only one box full of actual trash items. I'd say that's a pretty good return for our work. Not to mention the hoarde of office supplies that will be reused and free for the taking. It sounds pathetic, but every time I found a black binder clip I got excited :)

Among traditional office supplies such as folders, hanging files, paper clips, and rubber bands, we found a multitude of random items in fine condition:

A bag of Hallmark cards for various occasions, unused (Score! My card box is need of replenishment)
Dozens of roadmaps that I will reuse for wrapping paper
A copy of Psalms/Proverbs to be given to a patient in need
An unopened box of high quality cotton paper with watermark
An unused blood pressure cuff with case (donated to Pediatrics)
Travel sizes of QTips (unopened of course!)
Cookie tin
Solid brass fireman's hose nozzle (now being used as a doorstop for one of the doctors)

My co-worker and I were pretty impressed with the haul we took in. Yes, it took time to sort through everything, but it was worth it. We live in a very wasteful society and it always amazes me that truly "one man's trash is another man's treasure!"

(Thus ends my frugal/environmental PSA!)

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