Monday, June 23, 2008

Fasting for Compassion

It doesn't take long to figure out that the world is seemingly spinning out of control; natural disasters, gas prices, a weak U.S. dollar, the political arena, etc. One of the problems is the global food crisis that is greatly affecting all of the third-world nations.

If living off of $2 a day seems unthinkable, try $1 (which is what most of our global brothers and sisters live off of now). You may have noticed that the price of rice, beans, and other grains has surprisingly increased at your local supermarket. This affects millions of people at the most basic level: survival.

I am so grateful for organizations such as Compassion International and World Vision and their donors who are able to help offset the deficit of need for children all over the planet. Unfortunately, many Compassion children are able to receive their only meal nowadays at the centers they attend (sponsored by Compassion).

On Wednesday, June 25th, join with me in prayer and fasting for Compassion and the global food crisis. While Christ is our ultimate need, I pray that God will bring relief to suffering families and provide unexpected blessings along the way.

Another great video to truly see what millions are facing....

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