Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!!

My sister Meredith and I have truly been blessed to have a mom like ours. She passed on her love of desserts to us and our family is known to bring the best desserts to any type of function. She decorates her home with various collections: vintage flower prints, teapots, flower frogs, and antique porcelain figurines circa WWII era. She's known as "Babs" to her friends, "Honey" to my dad, but to me she's "Mom." An avid reader and gardener, she fills her days post-retirement on the back porch reading or on her knees digging in the dirt in her yard. She is a Jazzercise Queen. She has logged some serious hours of retail therapy, though mainly at any antique store along the East Coast. She worked tirelessly as a teacher in elementary and middle school grades, yet she still had time for two pupils and their homework after dinner. She serves as my dad's 'first mate' when they sail. She is my number one fan and wants front-row seats at my concerts when I become famous. She put up with my strong personality alot growing up, but she'd never tell you otherwise. She loves the color pink. I remember the time she backed out of the garage while the door was still down. I was laughing, she wasn't. She spends much of her time helping her mother get groceries and going to doctors' appointments. She's in church every Sunday and making a joyful noise as unto the Lord. She loves the beach and will spend hours there reading or laying out. She allowed me to get my ears pierced, only if I stopped sucking my thumb. I was eight. She is humble and doesn't force her way on anyone. She is extremely generous with her love and time.

In short, she's my mom. And I love her.

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