Monday, January 14, 2008

Insured by Smith & Wesson

This will be a quickie entry for now, but I just had to tell this, because I am still in shock over it. Back in November, we moved from our beautiful new home in a great neighborhood to a fixer-upper condo close to our wonderful church.

I am amazed at God's mercy, because we found out from a neighbor from our previous neighborhood, that our old home got broken into!!!! :( I was blown away when he informed us. Apparently it happened around 10 a.m. last Friday while the family went out for errands. They came back and the front door had been kicked in and various electronics stolen.

I told Brent, "If that doesn't confirm our obedience to move, I don't know what does...." Needless to say, while I am extremely thankful that it did not happen to us, I am saddened and concerned for the current family. I feel even worse because they are new believers, new U.S. immigrants, and new to the state. It still surprises me it happened due to the location of the house, (right in the middle of the neighborhood), and that there are loads of retirees, dog walkers, SAHMs, etc. It looks like someone would have seen the thieves. Please pray for the Ding family that God would restore peace and comfort to them and their home.

In other related news, Brent now wants a shotgun.

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Mrs. Brigham said...

God bless this poor family. :o(