Friday, January 14, 2011

Hi from Caleb

Hey everyone,

It's Caleb here, and I thought you may wanna hear from me since it's been awhile. Last time when Mama updated, I'd recently taken to walking. Now I love to run! And jump! And gallop! Mama and Babbie (one of my grandmas) had to chase me around Borders the other day to get me. I thought it was really fun, but their faces didn't look so happy.

Mama calls me "Taz" some days, she says I'm a "master of disaster." What does that mean? I mean, usually I just dump all my bins of toys around, dump my ball pit, and drag clothes and other random things I find. She is teaching me how to clean up my toys before bathtime at night now. I like to help! I help in other ways too, like using my hammer alongside Dada while working on the hardwood floors. And I like to take tissues and help "cwean." Mama loves it when I help. She says I'm a big boy now.

Making my "cheeser" face on my new trike

I've been learning so many new words now: colors like "puh-ple" and "yah-low", (s)"nack", Bible, "seepy" (sleepy), "bok" (box). Mama thinks it's so cute when I open a hymnal and sing "la la la!" Three of my favorite books right now are "Pat the Bunny," (which I call it "Paul" after one of the characters), "The Telephone Book," (which I call it "Phone"), and one my Nana got me, "My Big Truck book." I love twucks and cars. I make vroom vroom noises too. I am so good at being LOUD! Mama and Dada are teaching me "Shhh" and whispering. I also love learning my ABCs on I call it "fall."

I have also learned what a hug is. Mama asks for a hug, and I run over and crash into her. I like how warm she is. We have a lot of fun during the day together. But I love it when Dada comes home from work. I like to run into him when he calls for me. I ride on his shoulders around the house, and I like to dance when he plays the guitar. Speaking of dancing, I like to find Mama and Dada's stereo remote and turn it on. They've found me dancing to Michael Jackson twice now! :)

Well, I'm all out of goldfish's time for more 'nack!

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