Friday, August 6, 2010

Adventures in Parenting: Buying a minivan?!

I can't even believe I just typed the word minivan. It connotes soccer mom, unhip, scattered and broken Cheerios, and the sound of a slamming sliding door (in my mind). Growing up, just my sister and I, we never rode in a minivan unless it was a friend's. We rode around in a grey Chevrolet Cavalier station wagon for most of our younger years, then upgraded to a brand spankin' new '91 Toyota Camry; with moonroof. Eat. your. heart. out.

The Cavalier is looong gone, but the Camry, affectionately known as Ol' Girl, is still being driven around town by the husband. A couple of years ago, I was able to pick out a new-to-me '03 Honda Accord which is nicknamed Annie. (Backstory on the name: we found out during the buying process that the car had been repossessed; thus she was a bit of an orphan).

Amazingly, it seems like Annie has shrunken ever since Bubster entered our life. The mega-sized gear, bulging diaper bag, and variety of car toys has usurped the former backseat section. A minivan just makes sense to us. I'm as practical as they come, and even I can't deny the beauty of stow-n-go seating, dual sliding doors, and a butt load more of storage space. Did I mention our stroller takes up the entire trunk of the Accord? Lord willing, we would like to expand our family in the future, and it's difficult for me to imagine adding more to Annie's current load.

So, as I swallow my pride, since I previously vowed I would never, ever, ever, in a million bajillion years drive or own a minivan, we are poring over used Honda Odyssey ads specifically. And boy am I grateful for the internet at this time. What did people do without it before?! Oh yeah, read newspaper classifieds and pick up a copy of AutoTrader outside of the grocery store.

We found a perfect match for what we were looking for off of Craigslist, but discovered it had been sold and the ad was left behind. But just as in big things or little things, we are trusting God that He will bring it about in His will and time. Lord, give me patience!

In the meantime, my sister (also avowed anti-minivanist, who drives a big honkin' SUV) and I recently discussed our wanting to buy a minivan. She had a mischievous grin and chuckled knowingly. I don't know, it's like all your cool points go completely out the window when you drive a minivan. Like an official mom mobile. But what I am realizing, is that it is totally okay to be stereotyped as a mom :) It's a beautiful thing, really. See below.

And here are a few other mini-van funnies....

Another mom's take on saying, "I'll never drive a van."


espicey said...

Here's my rendition of the minivan mom rite of passage:

I'll never go back! (Until my kids are driving swagger wagons of their own!) I must say with 2 kids in should look for a van that offers the option to slide that middle row bucket seat to the side AND the middle. I'm really sweating that feature with 3 kids! Enjoy the hunt and Congrats on your mommy initiation:)

Megan said...

Hahahaha! I am still in the "I'll never drive a minivan" phase. Lucas teases me about it. Our Honda Element is just fine for now. . . we'll see what the future brings. :)