Monday, May 24, 2010

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

So, unfortunately, my last post about having a 'splashtastic' time at the pool was a bit premature. We have yet to get Caleb in the water due to the weirdish rainsunstormcloudssun weather. Not to mention, we tested the water and it's quite cool given we've had mild temps. Thankfully though, the forecast is about to heat up. Frankly, I'm not a fan of NC-piedmont region summer heat. I wish 80 was as hot as it'd get. A girl can dream...

Oh, and here's a recent random photo of the Bub:

I told you it was random. This goes out to all the babies that have slow-growing hair, and who are, in actuality, not bald. My kid has hair, lots of baby fine, blonde strands, and one large downy, tuft on the back. I'm hoping this mini-skullet phase (I dare you to google-image search it) will grow out quickly. But darn it, it is sooo cute when Bub gets sweaty, it begins to curl and flip out like Bozo's 'do. As much as I look forward to his hair growing longer, I don't want his first haircut to be anytime soon.

In economic news, I'm becoming slightly addicted to couponing. There is nothing quite like paying next to nothing for something you need/love/want. I don't receive any newspapers, so I rely mostly on internet coupons or ones via mail. I've also gotten lots of full-sized samples of products which is even more awesome. It basically comes down to me searching for any coupons before I leave the house to go buy it. I kinda playfully berated Brent the other day when he bought full-priced Clif bars. "I just ordered a sample 6-pack of them! I'm sure they'll come with a coupon!" "I had a $1 off coupon for that..." and on it goes. But it's fun to me, like a game. And speaking of freebies...Chick-fil-A is giving away free spicy chicken sandwiches...reserve one (I know it's a little ridiculous sounding) here.

And lastly, I am getting psyched for this week's North Carolinians for Home Education (NCHE) conference. Hubs and I are only going to the free session (you know it) and walking through the book fair section. I don't think I've brought up homeschooling on the blog before, but it's something that has been one of those 180-degree things for me. I used to balk at the idea several years ago, but now it's something I'm interested in. It's not a definite, but we're looking forward to learning more about it. And obviously, we have several years before decisions will have to be made.'s going on eleven o' to bed. Night, world.

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