Friday, May 21, 2010

Adventures in Parenting: Summer edition

Today is the big day, or so we plan. Caleb will be entering the splashy world of aquatics in our pool. This has been a day with months of preparation. Swim lessons? No. But rounding up the usual suspects of swim trunks, swim shirt, baby sunblock, sunglasses, swim diaper, and ginormous inflatable crab float. I'm just grateful we won't have to load up the car and transport everything to enjoy ohhh...about 10 minutes in the tepid water.

I felt like I had crossed some invisible threshold this morning as I blew that crab float until I was blue. I think I was channeling Dizzy Gillespie at one point. No matter, my precious Bub was chewing all the while...on the float. But as parents, we do those big-little things for our babes and if it gives them a second of joy, it's worth it. Yes, the 45 minutes (I kid you not) it took for me to do CPR on a happy crustacean was worth it. Now, where the heck am I supposed to store that thing when not in use?

The swim diaper. I kinda shudder as I type that. Being that I'm exploring unknown territory here, I really don't know what to expect. Currently, we're planning on trying the reusable swim diaper today. If only I knew when to anticipate Bub's inevitable poop. Maybe the water will be cool enough that everything internally will slow to a grinding halt. One can only hope. I will be mortified, to say the least, if a Baby Ruth incident occurs, ala Caddyshack.

One other key part of preparing for today that I almost forgot...the worst part...that most moms cringe at...swimsuit shopping. I used to think my pre-mom bod had some work to do....but now, oh pre-mom bod, how I miss you! I had it good, and didn't even know it. So also on today's agenda, finding a new swimsuit for me. Goodbye bikinis, hello tankinis! There's just something about three-way mirrors, a dingy and cramped fitting room, that removeable sanitary strip, and fluorescent lighting that make you want to...barf. I'm dreading the paleness, dimples (not on my face), and new merit badges of mommyhood: stretch marks. The only redeeming factor? At the pool, eyes will be on my incredibly cute son, and not me. :)

With that said, I cannot wait to have tons of splashtastic photos and video of our big event. Watch out poolgoers, there's a new kid in town!


Paging Doctor Mommy said...

Can't wait to see the pics! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh the pool fun times! We use the reusable swim diapers and just a word of warning... they do not keep the pee in. I guess this is obvious or they would swell up like a normal diaper, but EK peed on me while waiting for "swim lessons" to begin. Oh well that's what chlorine is for. And the disposable swim diapers don't keep the pee in either:) We haven't had a poop incident yet, fingers crossed! Good luck ~ Elizabeth