Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spring Shopping Fever or Get Your Frugal On

Just got back from the mall today with Mom and saw some really cute kid clothes at Old Navy and The Children's Place ($5 Spring polos!). I feel so conflicted though, attempting to plan ahead and buy for future seasons, but not knowing how big Caleb will be then. I exchanged many baby clothes when I was pregnant with him for larger sizes and the appropriate season, but he has been unable to wear them due to his larger size. What's a girl to do? Well, I still don't know...but spending money on full-priced clothes is not part of the solution.

I'm thinking.....SpRiNg CoNsIgNmEnT SaLeS!

What I just stumbled upon...(and man, I have a knack for doing that) was this:

Consignment Mommies which is a searchable, rateable, and highly organized site on all the consignment sales in your area. Score!

After having now discovered that there are 33 sales scheduled within the next few months in my area....this could be disastrous amazing.

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ConsigningChrissy said...

Thanks for plugging ConsignmentMommies!!

I, too, had one of those big ol' babies where my pre-planned shopping was SHOT!

Happy consigning!!! - Chrissy