Friday, January 15, 2010

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Knowing that the weather was going to be sunny, high 50s, and just plain gorgeous, I decided Caleb and I must take advantage of it. I made a quick lunch of Pb&J, raisins, and some yummy Little Debbie Valentine snack cakes. We headed to the Lewisville park and enjoyed the heavenly day. I brought my awesome gorillapod with me for picture taking of the two of us. Wouldn't you know, another SAHM with her brood offered to take a photo of us. As she astutely pointed out, "It's hard to get photos of the mom with the child." Indeed, it is; which is exactly why I love my gorillapod.

Later on, I overheard her oldest son at a nearby picnic table remarking, "Oww, the sun's in my eyes! But I should be thankful that the sun's even out. It's mid-January, you know? It's amazing. And nothing is too amazing for God."

Be still my heart. Beautiful, and I confess that I need more of that boy's attitude.

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Kami said...

Great pictures! We miss you guys and cant wait to meet handsome Caleb one day!