Monday, January 5, 2009

Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009

Sorry that I inadvertently took a random hiatus the past couple of weeks. It's been busy, whose life hasn't?

After dealing with a fun stomach virus for several days, then getting a blessed head cold the day after I could finally eat again, the middle of December wasn't the best.

However, the husband and I traveled to Gatlinburg, TN and met up with his mom and stepdad whom I hadn't seen since our wedding(!). Needless to say, it was great catching up with his parents that I've only met 3 other times. We hunkered down in a gorgeous log cabin that overlooked the Smokies. The first couple of days were frigid. Silly me forgot to pack real outdoor winter gear, aka hat, scarves, heavy coat, etc. The Lord kept me well thankfully :) We had a blast at the Ripley's Aquarium, Dixie Stampede, and DollyWood. A note about DollyWood, don't go during the winter. Why? Because all the rides shut down if it's below 36 degrees, which it was when we went. A full-priced ticket with no ride access does not a happy customer make. Despite the chilly weather, I had fun preparing homemade meals at the cabin and impressing the inlaws :)

It was a low-key Christmas for sure since this year we bypassed physical gifts and instead gave a donation to a project that I truly care about, Adopt-a-village Bihar, India. India is very near to my heart for reasons not entirely known, and Bihar is one of the poorest places with limited access to drinking water. Our gift will build a well for Bihar and allow numerous people to have better health. Not only that, but our well will enable missionaries to give a tangible example to the people that Jesus is our source of Living Water. We are looking forward to receiving a photo of the finished well along with some of the villagers. It's amazing what a little money can do...

As for what 2009 will bring, Lord-willing, Brent and I will become parents to a precious little babe in August :)

Last week we saw our little baby for the first time...lifting its head, wiggling a bit, and hearing that amazing heartbeat. Honestly, pregnancy hasn't felt all that real until seeing a tiny being in the dark of my womb. I'm already filling out a bit despite not having gained any weight. Yesterday, by a stroke of Providence, I randomly went on Craigslist and found just what I'd been looking for, an Arm's Reach CoSleeper for a steal. We were able to bring it home yesterday, so I happily went to work washing the sheets and cleaning it a bit. Needless to say, more and more it's getting real.

Since we've been traveling a lot the past few months, we're about to slow down considerably to save as much money as possible for the months/years ahead. Our "babymoon" will be a bit early than most couples', but we couldn't pass it up. My parents graciously paid for us as well as my sister and her husband to go on a Bahamas cruise in less than 2 weeks! This will be my first cruise and first trip to the Bahamas :) So those are the two major events predicted for 2009.

What have you been up to?


Tiffany said...

Congrats again on the upcoming little one! I can't wait to see some Bahama pics!

Jess said...

:) Just seeing this for the first time. Congratulations on your new little one on the way! :) What a sweet gift.

Megan at My Heart, My Home said...

Thanks Jess!! I don't think you're all that behind, since some of coworkers are just now noticing my 'bulge.' :) Hope you're doing well!