Thursday, July 31, 2008

Office Niceties

I've never been resolved about the issue of "office politics." Never really understood that phrase really. But today I'm learning.

A coworker who has been here for a year leaves on Monday. No one until today did anything about even discussing a farewell party. Her own supervisor said, "I have no time for this." Hmm...okay....

So by virtue of being A) a female and B) the secretary, I am now the party planner. I quickly created a signup sheet for a dessert party, thinking it'd be an easier sell on coworkers, being this late notice and all.

Turns out I was wrong. Consensus among other staff tells of their dislike of her. Whatever happened to letting bygones be bygones? Or forgiveness towards the person who maybe didn't treat you so well?

No, in office politics, it seems as if you earn a celebration in your honor. The more well-liked you are, the bigger the bash.

Unfortunately, and horribly rude as it is, these same coworkers who made no bones about not desiring to participate will undoubtedly, come Monday, be partaking in free cake. For a coworker they decided not to intentionally bless.

All of us have been the recipients of unmerited gifts and blessings. The first one that comes to mind is Jesus' love for us. It is lavish, extravagant, costly, saturated, overwhelming, and intense. And no one deserved it. In fact, there is a major party being planned where guests who are undeserving are being invited to celebrate with the King of Kings. The party of all parties for eternity.

And thankfully, there are no politics concerning God's love for us. We don't earn it, we can't improve our rank; God's love just is.

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Rachel said...

This reminds me of a "King of Queens" episode where there was discussion of office farewell parties. And they explained the continuum from cake to an omelette bar, depending on how much you were liked.

That's sad, but I'm glad you took the lead in planning for her.