Saturday, November 21, 2009

Easy and Cute Thanksgiving Craft

This year for Thanksgiving, I thought it would be fun for Caleb to make a craft and share with his grandparents. We decided to make a baby hand turkey. Instead of tracing his hand, we did it the fun, messy way; with paint! I also added a topical Bible verse on thanks.

What you will need:
Craft paint (I used "burnt umber," think terracotta)
Baby wipes
Fine point markers (red, yellow or orange, and black)
Paper plate
Small sponge

How you do it:

1) If you want to add a Bible verse or other Thanksgiving sentiment, open a Word document, type it out, and print on your cardstock.

2) Wrangle baby completely out of their clothes, in nothing but a diaper, and sit in Bumbo seat. Make sure you're wearing an old shirt yourself.

3) Squirt out about a silver dollar amount of paint onto paper plate. Attempt to sponge paint onto tight-fisted baby palm. Repeat. Again. Pry once more, this time with an enthusiastic, coaxing message: "Juuuust oooopen!"

4) Get more paint on you instead of baby. Leave fingerprints all over your countertop for later cleanup.

5) Squash baby's half open fist onto cardstock. Sweetly coo, "Hold still!"

6) Grab baby wipes immediately and wipe everything down. Ironically, baby obediently opens palm for cleanup.

7) Admire your baby's cute, unidentifiable hand turkeys. Not to mention, those turkeys are missing a few feathers if you know what I mean.

8) After drying, draw eyes, beak, wattle (that red thing that hangs under their neck, and yes, I had to google it), and legs with colored markers.

9) Pat yourself on the back. You just earned a "Creative Mommy" badge :) And the grands will surely love you for it.

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